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Meat provenance

Despite the growth of vegetarian and vegan, meat is still very much in

demand, so it's important that we source it in a sustainable way.

In this year's report, we wanted to feature some of our meat suppliers

to show what great work they are doing in terms of animal welfare,

ethical sourcing and/or reducing their environmental impact.

Cranswick -

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Dunbia -

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Alec Jarrett -

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Obesity strategy

In the UK, almost two thirds of adults (63%) are overweight and of these, half are living with

obesity. Additionally, 1 in 3 children are leaving primary school overweight or obese[1].

It is already well known that obesity is associated with reduced life expectancy due to its risk

factor for a range of chronic diseases. What's more, there is now consistent evidence that people

who are overweight or living with obesity who contract Covid-19 are significantly more likely to be

admitted to hospital, to an intensive care unit and sadly to die from Covid-19, compared to those

of a healthy body weight.

With their childhood obesity strategy, the government have been keen to support people to

achieve a healthier weight but now more of a focus has now been to improve not only children's

weight but also the adult population, as excess weight is one of the few modifiable factors for


As a result, in recent months the government have accelerated their plans and announced a

whole stream of initiatives, focusing on the food industry, public health and NHS support


Click here to find out what changes the government have made since July 2020:

At Bidfood we are committed to doing our part in reducing obesity levels and as such we will

continue to engage with government on their industry initiatives. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19,

some of our existing plans have been put on hold, including our own brand reformulation

activities. We are reviewing all new initiatives to reassess our own brand targets and to identify

the most effective ways in which we can support our customers on their own health and

wellbeing policies.


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