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Update on our support for our corporate charities

To find out more about the important work our corporate charities do in our industry, please visit our

dedicated webpage. More details on how we supported them in 2019/20 are detailed below:

Springboard Insert P29 - The Springboard charity logo

Some of our employees were due to participate in a fundraising trek in Nicaragua for The Springboard

Charity in 2020, but this has sadly been postponed due to Covid-19; all funds raised so far (£24k) have

been donated to The Springboard Charity. We transferred £18,064.48 to Springboard UK for their

apprenticeships in 2019/20. Overall, our contributions to Springboard totalled £73,297 in 2019/20,

generated by a combination of sponsorships, auctions, events and donations.

Hospitality Action Insert P28 - The Hospitality Action logo

Our ever-popular monthly fundraising payroll prize draw continued throughout 2019/20 and raised

£32,126.44 for Hospitality Action, thanks to the 1,246 employees participating during this period. Since

the Covid-19 outbreak, the work of Hospitality Action is needed more than ever; they have been

supporting hospitality workers in immediate crisis and have to date helped some 2,000 beneficiaries in

need with emergency payments of £250 per household. We also publicised their Invisible Chips

campaign, which helps workers in hospitality whose livelihoods are disappearing.

In 2019/20, we also wanted to increase the number of employees participating in the Hospitality Action

payroll prize draw, so we made the sign-up process easier, boosted internal communications and

increased the publicity of winners and their prize money. Insert p26 - Vikki Howard, Telesales

Executive at Paddock Wood depot, January's winner of the Big Prize Draw!

Thanks to our charity supplier golf day in September 2019 and the payroll prize draw, we've raised

£53,126 for Hospitality Action.

The Prince's Trust Insert p27 - The Prince's Trust logo

Thanks to our charity supplier golf day in September 2019, we raised £16,709.73 for The Prince's Trust.

These funds went towards employability programmes that improve the future prospects of young people

across the UK, who have faced significant barriers to success, and subsequently these donations have

had a long term impact on young lives.

Our own Head of Sustainability volunteered for a day with The Prince's Trust, to find out more about

volunteering as part of her research into creating an employee-volunteering standard. Julie Owst ran a

workshop on presentation skills in Bristol and said:

"It was great to meet some of the young people benefitting from the work of The Prince's Trust, and it's

clear that they fill a vital gap between education and employment which wouldn't get bridged otherwise."

Click here to find out how we supported The Prince's Trust Get Started with Cooking project

Insert P4 - Paul Tunnicliffe, Bidfood Development Chef and programme participant Azhar Din

preparing for the Ready Steady Cook challenge.

Overall, Bidfood's contributions to The Prince's Trust totalled £27,209 over 2019/20.


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