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Gender pay reporting 2020

Our 2020 report will be made available by

April 2021, as the government has extended

the deadline for production.

Ethnicity pay reporting

This year we started talking about ethnicity

pay reporting. We currently can't report on

this because we stopped recording employee

ethnicity a few years back, when new GDPR

regulations caused us to examine what

personal and sensitive information we were

storing, and we concluded at that point that

we had no business reason to do so. We aim

to revisit this decision in 2021, as part of a

wider conversation about inclusion and

diversity, although we still can't compel

employees to give us this data if they prefer

not to, and we need adequate data for the

results to be trustworthy and truly


Continued support for employee mental


As part of our health and wellbeing focus,

we're continuing to work on helping

employees understand what we can all to do

help our own mental health, even when

external circumstances are challenging and

beyond our control.

We're experimenting with integrating aspects

of health and wellbeing into our main annual

employee voice survey, so that our approach

to managing this crucial area is seen as an

integral part of being a good manager, not a

standalone approach.

Click here to find out how we have helped

our employees with mental health

Delivering learning in a new, sustainable


Many of us learned a new skill in lockdown,

or had to learn to do certain tasks ourselves,

due to being unable to let tradesmen into

our houses. Most of us went straight to

online video sites to look for guidance on

how to do something, so this made us reflect

on how we deliver and access learning in

our business. We have previously been

heavily reliant on face-to-face sessions

which involve a lot of travel and we've

realised many modules are ideal candidates

to be delivered interactively using online

tools. We're starting the process of redesign

and look forward to seeing our employees

engage with these sessions whilst our

associated carbon footprint significantly


Ethical pension investments

Click here to find out

more about ethical

pension investment

Responsible tax strategy

"One of the most essential and effective

contributions that businesses can make to

the SDGs is to ensure that responsible

business conduct and respect for human

rights are at the heart of their operations."[1]

At Bidfood, we have a tax strategy that

ensures we pay on time the right and proper

tax on all our UK revenue. This proper and

timely payment helps the government fund

essential services, which in turn, enable

human rights such as education and health.

The Bidcorp Group Finance team supported

by the Bidcorp Group Audit and Risk

Committee provide an oversight role to

ensure that all Bidcorp Group operations

adhere to the Bidcorp Taxation Policy.

Our customers, employees and investors can

all have peace of mind that they are

supporting a company which supports the

ethical payment of tax.


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