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ed Empowering our People

For each location to have a locally-driven

sustainability initiative by June 2020

All areas of the business to have a

Sustainability Coordinator (SCs) by June 2020

To have introduced an evaluation method for

training and engaging SCs by June 2020

All SCs to have a Personal Development Plan

(PDP) by June 2020

To have agreed a minimum standard of support for

SCs with line managers by June 2020

To increase the score to employee survey question 'I

believe our company cares about the

environment' by 2% YOY

To increase the score to employee survey question

'Health and Safety is taken seriously in our

company' to 85% by 2022

100% of our drivers trained in vulnerable road


To have reduced voluntary driver turnover by 9%

by June 2022

To have reduced driver absence by 1.5% by


To increase the number of new apprenticeship starts

within our business by 150% in 2019/20

Increase the number of new apprenticeship starts via

the transfer of apprenticeship levy funding to our

charity partners by 100% in 2019/20

To increase the percentage of women entering

driving and warehouse roles by 5% by June


To have an industry-leading approach to the

management of risk of modern slavery and

exploitation in our operations

All sites had campaigns on

single-use plastics and food


We reached 91% coverage prior to

Covid-19 and will continue to build on

this percentage

We've implemented feedback surveys on

the Sustainability Coordinator role and

workshops so that we can consistently

measure progress

Due to mixed internal feedback on this

target we'll no longer be pursuing a formal

PDP for everyone, but will look to develop

Due to business pressures post Covid-19

and other priorities, this won't be a target for

the foreseeable future; we already have

Our score was 78% in 2018/19, and our

2020 employee survey has been

postponed, although this is still a target

Our score was 83% in 2018/19, and our

2020 employee survey has been

postponed; although this is still a target

237 drivers have been trained so far. This

training is now aligned with the CPC

schedule and as such will be completed by

We achieved a 10.3% reduction in

voluntary driver turnover by June 2020

Driver absence reduced by 1.28 % points

in the period up to June 2020 so if trends

continue, we will achieve this target

We aren't currently recruiting apprentices

due to reductions in headcount

Unable to fulfil as our charity partners chose

not to take on apprentices in this period.

We will continue to support them in other


We've paused recruitment since Covid-19,

so this is no longer a target. Before the

pandemic, females made up 4.5% of our


Key leaders and managers have been

trained in identifying, responding to and

preventing modern slavery, and we're

creating a three-year plan to further

strengthen our position


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