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Helping students with mental health

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supported students' mental health

We're all more aware than ever that

good mental health can't be taken for

granted, and there are lots of positive

steps that can be taken to boost

mental wellbeing, with food and

nutrition both playing a part. With that

in mind, we launched the √Self mental

wellbeing campaign.

Mike Haslin, Chief Executive Officer of

TUCO Ltd said:

"We've been delighted to see Bidfood's

√Self mental wellbeing campaign

embraced so enthusiastically by TUCO

members. This is such a crucial issue

for many students, and Bidfood have

been both proactive and inspiring in

their approach. I've been really

impressed with the campaign, which

has provided a creative platform for our

university catering teams to talk in a

positive way about mental health and

wellbeing with students, and how food

Supporting NHS heroes' mental wellbeing during

Covid-19 with launch of Bidfood's √Self guide

With more than half of frontline NHS workers unable

to cope with stress brought on by Covid-19[1], we

designed 'The Square Root of Self', to support key

workers during this unprecedented crisis.

The mental wellness guide aims to delve deep into

the heart of the issue by engaging with hospitals and

care homes across the UK to support those critical

keyworkers mental wellbeing at such a challenging

and worrying time.

Named to reflect getting to the root of mental

wellbeing in the NHS, the premise of the guide is to

bring to life the importance of food and the vital part

it plays in our overall mental wellness. The bespoke

guide provides expert insight and mouth-watering

wellness recipes created by their chef development

team, as well as top tips on how to stay energised

during a long shift.

To ensure the recipes meet the needs of this

campaign, we partnered with Christine Bailey, an

award winning nutritional therapist and chef.

Recognising that what we eat and drink can really

have an intense effect on our emotions, consistently

affecting how we feel, think and behave on a daily

basis, there is advice from Christine that covers

three key areas of nutritional support for boosting

mental wellbeing and keeping energy levels up;

healthy fats, protein and ditching sugar and

processed food.

Tasty dish ideas include vibrant and healthy lunches

such as Spanish tortilla or a griddled chipotle

chicken and kale salad, as well as a variety of

tempting breakfast options packed full of goodness,

such as a berry yoghurt pot, or a green smoothie for

those on the go.

David King, Sector Marketing Manager for Hospitals

said: "These are such unprecedented times and the

wellbeing of the nation, in particular our key workers

including doctors, nurses and care workers, has

never been so important.

"We wanted to offer a guide that can support them

with their mental wellness, offer hints and tips to stay

energised, well fed and hydrated in a time where

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nhs/ Insert p24 - 'The

Square Root of Self'

wellbeing guide front cover

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out what the Chair

of NHS Food Review

thought of our work


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