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Empowering our people

Increasing the depth and breadth of network

of our Sustainability Coordinators

In 2019, we initiated an ambitious project of

environmental training and engagement for

all our employees, which involved training our

sustainability coordinators in delivering a

one-hour bite size environmental module to

all colleagues at their sites. We had

delivered an initial session to three pilot sites

and received very positive feedback from

participants, but plans were disrupted when

the pandemic hit. Due to pressures on the

business, we haven't been able to roll out this

training further, but will look for opportunities

to restart when our resources and capacity


Insert P1 - Iain Brierley, Learning and

Development Manager, delivering content

at Ingram village hall

Prior to Covid-19, we were also working hard

on increasing the coverage of sustainability

coordinators across the UK. We'd set

ourselves a target of 100% coverage for all

sites, and we only had three sites left to go,

meaning that we had covered over 90%. We

wanted to recruit the right people with

enthusiasm and vision for the role, and didn't

want it to be a box-ticking exercise, so it's

frustrating to have not reached 100% as a

result of the pandemic halting our progress.

It's good to know that our Sustainability

Coordinators find this role rewarding, as

reflected in our Autumn 2019 survey which

showed that 89% of coordinators wanted to

still be carrying out this role in Autumn 2020

[1], with 11% undecided, quoting time to carry

out the voluntary role being the main factor.

[1] Autumn Sustainability workshop feedback

online survey

Click here to find out what

it's like to be a

sustainability coordinator

Supporting young women into sustainability


Insert P40 Catalyse change Logo

In February 2020 we were proud to become

a supporter of Catalyse Change, https:// an organisation that

recognises that girls and young women are

under-represented in leadership roles, and

often lack the confidence to realise their

potential to become change-makers for a

more sustainable future. One of their

initiatives is to run an annual bootcamp

which aims to equip women with the

inspiration, confidence, skills and mentors

they need to make a positive difference.

They proactively help young women who

require bursaries to participate, and this is

possible thanks to corporate sponsors.

Click here to read more

about how it feels to

benefit from a Catalyse

Change bursary

Eden Project and Planet Mark partnership

As part of our Planet Mark certification, we

receive ten free tickets a year for our

employees to visit the Eden Project, a

visitor attraction run by the educational

charity of the same name, which aims to

connect us with each other and the living

world, exploring how we can work towards

a better future. Jonny Sim, our campaign

marketing executive was just one of our

employees to visit the Eden Project this

summer, and he said: "Visiting the Eden

Project was fascinating - there is so much

to see and learn, and the fact that

sustainability is absolutely central to

everything they do is really inspirational."

" Insert Photo P3 - Jonny and his

partner enjoying the biomes at the Eden



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